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Angela Lucy Becker
English Language Arts
English Expressions (Yearbook)
Senior Class Advisor
Student Council Advisor
Ignition Advisor
Concordia University
Curriculum and Instruction with a Concentration in Reading
Master's Program
Siena Heights University
Bachelor's Degree
Secondary English

Philosophy of Education:


It is my belief that given a solid foundation, ample opportunities and a positive classroom environment, that all students are capable of learning and that it is through support and encouragement that our students find their greatest successes. To be successful in the field of education, educators must continually seek opportunities for growth in order to improve student learning, they must be flexible and ever-changing in order to meet the learning standards of all students, and be eager to create compelling and authentic lessons that meet not only the standards, but also the interests of the students. In a technology driven world it is imperative to incorporate these devices in the classroom, as a means to familiarize, and to open the door on an improved way of thinking/teaching.


It is my desire to be far more than the mediocre teacher, as I will continually strive to instill the love of learning into my students. I will achieve great success in the classroom by creating a challenging and compelling classroom where my students are repeatedly challenged to think outside of the box and to find the greatness, which lies within them. It is through creativity and understanding that I will provide my student’s with a varied way to learn, and the ability to love reading and writing.


"Be the Change you wish to see in the World.” ~ M. Gandhi


Student Council:


Student Council supports the student body and makes it their commitment to communicate students’ ideas, pursuits, and apprehensions with teachers and school administration. Student Council facilitates fundraising projects for school-wide activities, including social events, community projects and school improvement planning. Student Council will participate in food drives, dances, fundraisers and various school parties. Student Council members will learn diverse skills that will extend beyond that of their formal education.


Ignition is a highly interactive and customized leadership development program specifically designed to make transition a positive experience for everyone in our school. The ideal Ignition mentor is someone who has a personality that will allow them to "facilitate” well and connect with mentees in a real way. We are ideally looking for students who will be able to: get up in front of their Ignition Advisory to speak to their team of freshmen, empathize with freshman in a genuine way, have the time to commit to their responsibilities as an Ignition mentor, and who have the right attitude to make the program a success.



Hello, my name is Mrs. Becker—Welcome!

I am currently the English Language Arts 12th grade teacher and I also teach a section of Honors English 9, AP Language and Composition, and English Expressions ( aka: Yearbook). Additionally, I hold the title of: Senior Class Advisor, Student Council Advisor, and Ignition Mentoring Advisor.

In addition to my professional roles, I am also a wife and a "Momma.” I have been married for 13 years and have two gorgeous children: Isabella, 9 and Harrison, 21 months.

My Bella plays soccer, cheers, sings, and dabbles in gymnastics. I volunteer and coach her junior high cheer squad. Yes, I just said that outloud: JUNIOR HIGH. She’s an amazing little girl who is wise beyond her years. She challenges me, inspires me, and loves me without condition. She’s my hero. My Harrison is the boy of my dreams. He is, without a doubt, the sweetest little guy around. He has taught me more about myself in the past 21 months then perhaps anyone/anything ever has. HE is a gift. I am blessed beyond measure.

I am currently enrolled in a Master’s program at Concordia University studying Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in reading. I am so excited to be apart of this program and to have an opportunity to explore a higher education. I am absolutely in love with what I do and am excited at the opportunity to hone my craft…

Welcome to my "classroom" – I’m ecstatic to have you smiley


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