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If we can assist you in getting your bus form turned in, please contact our office at 734/941-1750.  Bus pages, times and maps have been updated as of Friday, August 18, 2017 and bus confirmations are being mailed starting this weekend.  Please watch for them in your USPS mailbox.

Summit Academy Flat Rock Bus Form
Summit Academy North Bus Form

New Bus Riders - Please Read This Section-Very Important
If you are a new student to Summit Academy, or new simply to bus registration, there are a few  rules I would like you to be aware of.  As of the end of business, August 9, 2017, new bus forms will be due in to this office.  On that date, if the requests for a bus outweigh the available seats, a lottery will take place to decide those students who will be assigned to ride a requested bus.  If your student does not make that list, they will be assigned to a wait list and you will be informed of the status via a postcard in the US Mail.  Any bus forms received AFTER August 9, 2016 will be placed on their requested bus based on a "first come-first served" basis, until the time each bus or location is full.  Again, those who are not able to be placed on a bus, will be added to a wait list, and placed when we are able to accommodate the request.   (Just a note that no lottery was performed after August 9, 2017.)
Please, if your elementary child is assigned to a bus, carry a picture ID with you for afternoon delivery, at least until the driver becomes familiar with you and your child.  The drivers will strive for timeliness, but NEVER at the expense of safety.  Please be at the bus hub five minutes prior to the drivers estimated arrival time for both mornings and afternoons, not only for the sake of timely departures, but more importantly - AND I CAN'T SAY THIS WITH ENOUGH EMPHASIS - to protect our children from rushing and frantic drivers who are late to the bus.   A 3000 pound car is just as dangerous in a store parking lot as it can be on the road.  Please understand, that the drivers are directed to leave pick up locations on time, and once they have departed, they are not to stop the bus for any reason other than those issues which would compromise the safety of the riders enroute. Please DO NOT cut the bus off, or rush through the bus hub locations simply because you have arrived late, as you could inadvertently harm a child, including your own. On these occasions, it is always better that you transport your child rather than compromise the safety of the bus.   

Daily Bus Rider Information
The 2017-2018 bus emergency forms are available at the top of the page for new bus riders and new students interested in transportation.  Re-enrolling student forms were mailed on June 5, 2017 with a requested return date of June 16th, the last day of school.  If you are not sure of the bus hub you need,  you can find the master map by clicking on the button just below:
  Link to Master Map 
After the August 9 deadline, once your bus emergency form is received and processed in our office, you will then receive a letter in the mail and it will refer to the bus number that your student has been assigned to.  Students are assigned based on the location that was requested.  It is important that your student ride the bus that they are assigned to as each bus is specific in it's destination.  Seating may be very limited as each bus travels to specific locations and it is VITAL that we adhere to the authorized rider lists.  Thank you parents for your help in making sure your student gets on and rides the correct bus!!!
For each bus individually, the first morning pickup departure time is typically adhered to, and it is not expected that once the bus pulls away from the loading area, that it will stop for a late student.  A bus, once it has departed is never to stop in "on-road" traffic to load a late rider, so please, for the safety of your child, arrive at the morning pickup five (5) minutes before estimated departure time.  Once the bus begins it's run, it is expected that the only delays to bus times would be traffic related.  We urge you to consider the safety of not only your child, but all Summit students as they make their way to school, by driving carefully in the pickup zones and by being early for loading in the mornings or whenever in the bus hub environment.

The first month of school is always the worst for afternoon delivery, as traffic patterns in and around the schools will take time to normalize.  During that time, as things settle back into familiar patterns, the buses will sometimes be late, and possibly very late.  We ask that during this adjustment, please be patient with the bus department and drivers.  Not only do we sometimes have new drivers, but we also have new students and parents in our lots who are learning a whole new system of pick up and drop off.  As the year advances, things will settle into a pattern we all recognize and can function with.  We have been transporting students since the 2001-2002 school year, and each and every year, as we grow, we have to overcome the logistical challenge set before us.  We look forward to working with our students this year and hope that we can provide to you as a parent, a consistent ability to assist you in transporting your child to school.
Bus Safety

  How well can you see me?    The picture to the left gives you an idea of what the bus driver sees every day as children approach the bus.  This picture was taken from the cabin of a Thomas C2 school bus like the one your children ride everyday.  With that being said, please notice the blind spot caused by the window rail or how fast a child can disappear beneath the front view over the hood.  Think how quickly that same child can dart in and out of traffic in a Meijers or church parking lot and not even be seen until they run out in front of moving bus, or YOUR car.  These are our children, and while everyone is trying to meet a schedule of some sort (bus drivers and parents alike,) is that extra few seconds it takes to be safe and slow down in the bus hub area worth more than a child's life?  I certainly hope so, as each school bus has a "Danger Zone," an area that surrounds the school bus in which the driver may or may not be able to see a child.  School bus drivers are taught to monitor their mirrors, but even then, any child that steps into that area surrounding the school bus is endangering themself.
As you can see here in the picture to the right, there is a "DANGER ZONE" that surrounds each school bus.   It is that area in which a student could be injured simply by standing there when the bus has to move.  Please, I encourage all parents to review this picture with their children.  It is imperative that they don't crowd the bus, and move to the door in single file, hopefully so that no child is overlooked or walks into the danger zone.  In the past, as I have driven the bus, I have discovered that we have some parents that feel they must drop their child directly at the service door of the bus from their vehicle.  Please know that this behavior is severely frowned upon as it is unsafe for everyone except that single child who is going two feet from the car door to the bus door, BUT the track of the car to get to the point of drop off is dangerous for other parents and students alike.  Please take these other riders into consideration.

More to come here -please stay tuned!!!
Don't walk in the orange area!!!


 Bus Expectations and Rules
It is expected that each bus rider will be diligent not only to safely ride the bus, but respectful to the driver as well.  It is expected that normal and reasonable requests by the bus driver will be adhered to.  Each driver has a huge responsibility to drive a school bus loaded with your most precious cargo, and must be able to do this job with minimal distraction.  It is up to the students to help make a daily bus ride the most pleasant and efficient ride possible.  Listed below are the bus rules that are posted in each bus:


  1. You are required to follow the school code of conduct, as the bus is considered school property.
 2.  No eating or drinking on the bus and please throw trash away. 
 3.  Do not damage the bus, seats, or equipment. 
 4.  Sit down in the seat and stay seated, and keep a clear aisle.
 5.  Keep all personal body parts inside the bus.  No arms, hands, head or feet outside the windows.
  6.  Music played from a handheld device must be played via headphones or ear buds and not be audible to other students.
  7.  NO throwing of any item in the bus or out bus windows.
  8.  Do not tamper with bus equipment.
  9.  The driver may assign seats at his/her discretion.
 10.  As the school representative, the driver may establish other rules as needed to maintain the safe transportation of the bus.
Summit Academy Schools - 100% Passing
Bus Inspection Certificate - 10th year in a row



(so you know what's REALLY going on in transportation)

6/5/17  Returning rider bus forms are sent to residence/email sent and phone calls made.  School offices given bus form for following year.
6/16/17  Deadline for returning rider forms-due back to office.
6/28/17 Second summer mailing/email/phone call completed to returning riders with immediate return date.
7/3-9/17  School closed for holiday week.  Return to office on 7/11/17.
7/11/17   Downloadable bus forms added to website for returning or new riders.
7/20/17  Last summer mailer done for returning riders.  No further mailers will be done.  August 9th is cutoff date before new riders are added to bus rosters.
8/9/17  Cutoff date for returning rider forms.  Any forms, new rider or returning rider after this date, are now first come, first served.
8/17/17  Updated times posted to website.  Click >HERE< to see them.



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